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Get Your Act Together!

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As a result of the past restrictions on limited audience sizes at comedy clubs, we have since adopted streaming technology to enhance our live performances. We are now also offering Virtual Online Comedy shows via a private virtual Zoom family pass to audiences of up to 500 registered guests (one virtual ticket per household) which allows for much larger potential audiences than the typical live show.


During such events, comics perform live on-stage at a local venue, and the audience's open mic feed is streamed back unmuted to the comics on large screen TV's as they perform so that both sides of the live stream can enjoy the laughter.

Arrow Comedy Training is now taking the new reality of online streaming to the comedy stage and we are expanding the possibilities for amateur comics, show sponsors, and FUNdraisers alike. 

So jump on in and enroll in our hilarious 3-DAY Thrill program today! It's the experience of a lifetime!

P.S. Watch what happens at the end of the show!!

Learn to Perform
Stand Up Comedy just 3 days

Join Arrow Comedy Training (ACT) for an incredible weekend of comedy training by an expert facilitators followed by a LIVE performance at a local venue which is also recorded and live-streamed to country-wide audiences via a 2-way Zoom broadcast.

This Boot Camp is designed for Speakers in the Field who want to have humor added to their promotional materials & presentations, aspiring comics who want to be an active comic as a lifestyle, and/or just someone who has a unique wish on their bucket list! 


The training class is geared towards 10 committed individuals who perform on behalf of the FUNdraiser organization to take a comedy training course over a 4-day weekend and to each sell 10 FUNdraising tickets to their families and friends for a FUN night of comedy!


Tickets are marketed and sold on EventBrite to the general public which can add dozens or hundreds of new guests to our innovative FUNdraising shows. 

The training fee is $497.00 which consists of over 20 hours of training, writing, and rehearsal coaching of your own original material. Watch out for our early bird specials where you can save money by enrolling at least 30 days before the boot camp starts!

Private One-on-One Coaching

3-day Workshop

COMEDY STAGE Performance

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