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What is Gelotology? 

What's around the world of Comedy


Greek Gelos




Gelotology: The Science of Humour, Laughter & Joke


Gelotology Wikipedia definition


Gelotology (from the Greek γέλως gelos "laughter") is the study of laughter and its effects on the body, from a psychological and physiological perspective. Its proponents often advocate induction of laughter on therapeutic grounds in alternative medicine.

This science will be the focus of the training provided that is informative and inspirational .

This witty conversation will provide a different spin on life, teaching, and everything you hold dear.

An aspect of mental illness in the workplace will be demonstrated.


There will be a discussion of comic techniques dealing with pain, loss and the pain… because they won’t get lost. 

The science of Gelotology is in it’s infancy in understanding, and yet central to our survival.

The theories of what humour, laughter, and joke do to the body and your surroundings, both physically and psychologically, are being tested by science. My bet is on the rats.


Preliminary data is showing that people who conduct the science of Gelotology are not really funny, but they are funnier than the average Bear.  

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