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Private One-on-One Coaching

3-day Workshop

COMEDY STAGE Performance

The 3-Day Thrill

Join Arrow Comedy Training (ACT) for an incredible weekend of comedy training by an expert facilitator followed by a LIVE performance at a local comedy club. The class is geared towards 10 committed individuals who volunteer on behalf of the organization to take a comedy training course over a weekend and each sell 10 tickets to their families and friends for a FUN evening out! 

Watch what happens at the end of the show!! 



You can invite your 10 supporters and guests to come on stage for your Cause!

We will support you in finding these FUN-loving people who will Stand Up and Stand Out for your Cause! We will take you by the hand all the way through. 


Corporate Services

Arrow Comedy Training (ACT) helps companies create a fun, team-building experience for their workforce.  Selected individuals, or the whole team from the company, will learn how to transfer the skills of Stand Up comedy to the workplace. The company receives a fun, professional, development opportunity while helping to boost interpersonal skills of their employees. 


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