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Meet Your Team 

 "It made me realize how much there is to learn" 


"Derek's process will definitely help make a stand-up routine less intimidating" 


 ​" Glad I faced my fears.... "



  • Founder & Chief Event Officer

  • Chartered Mediator, Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

  • Family Support Worker, Emotion Code® Practitioner

  • ACT Coach

Angelene Flo (Florence) Lye is a networking expert who caught the comedy bug while taking a stand up comedy class many moons ago.

Flo was raised in Malaysia, a country that does not have an infrastructure of comedy, as in free speech. This makes her passion for ACT both admirable and confusing, just like her.

Flo works in conflict situations and practices dispute resolution skills in her mediation practice, and also through her involvement with high conflict families and their children. 

She understands the value of comedy and wants to create opportunities for individuals to learn, organizations to benefit, and charitable giving to take place. Flo brings with her over 20 years of comedy event management, performance, and training experience.

Flo still performs comedy whenever she gets an opportunity to do so. She now focuses her energy turning her company, Arrow Comedy Training (ACT), into being the industry leader in comedy & humor research and training.


  • Master Trainer

Derek Wilken is a trainer with over 30 years of experience in the Comedy field. Derek has taught over 1500 students and looks forward to continuing to help individuals and groups own the joke that is life.

Presenter Derek Wilken will guide you through this introspective in perspective. Derek is the founder of the CHEERS project, past Board Member of the Canadian Association of Therapeutic Comedy, former instructor Funnies Comedy Studio, and Creative Director of ZEDS Comic Communication.

Derek has been part of the research done by the Mustard Seed, Alberta Mental Health Board, Rehabilitation Society of Calgary, Epilepsy Association of Calgary, and The University of Calgary. He was also the focus of The Heart of Laughter, a CTV documentary into the benefits of laughter and joke. More importantly, he is a failed comic with manic depression (initial diagnosis) and a curiosity as to why he is still alive.


  • Trainer

  • Alumni Comic

Bio to come soon...

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